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zita_logo 1 (Traced) (1).svg__PID:d6ea7ed0-afd9-4139-9023-dbc4293b3d78Transform Your Trash Routine

Automatic Lid,
Effortless Control

ZitA's lid operates like magic - just hover your hand, and it opens. After 5 seconds of grace, it closes quietly. Need manual control? A simple button press does the trick. Worried about accidental openings? Relax. You can adjust the sensor from 0 to 11.81 inches (30cm). ZitA gives you the power and precision you deserve.

Garbage in,
No Odors Out

ZitA's ingenious side-opening design isn't just about convenience; it's about ensuring your kitchen stays fresh and inviting. No more worries about unpleasant odors escaping. With ZitA, you can confidently use it in your kitchen without any unwanted smells.

Perfect Fit, Anywhere You Need

With ZitA's side-opening design, you have the freedom to place it under a counter or table without a second thought about its height. It's all about making the most of your space while maintaining efficiency.

Efficient Bag Utilization, Less Waste

ZitA is designed to perfectly accommodate 45 liters (11.88 gallons) plastic bags, holding them securely without touching the ground. This means you can make the most out of every bag, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.

Feather-Light and
Easy to Handle

At just 3.08kg/6.8lb, ZitA is a feather-light companion that moves and cleans with ease. Say goodbye to heavy lifting and hello to effortless convenience.

Stress-Free Cleanup, Lasting Elegance

Maintaining ZitA is a breeze thanks to its premium lid part and hard coating. A simple wipe-down is all it takes to keep it looking sleek and elegant, no matter how messy things get.

Hand-Safe Lid

Say goodbye to accidental bumps and hand-in-lid surprises. ZitA's customizable sensor technology ensures that the lid won't unexpectedly close on your hand when you approach it. Enjoy a safe and hassle-free experience, tailored to your preferences.

Lid Control on
Your Terms

Tired of trash cans that open on their own every time you pass by? ZitA's customizable sensor puts you in control. No more lid-opening surprises when you walk past the trash can. With ZitA, the lid stays closed until you decide it's time to use it.

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

ZitA (45L/13GAL)

Effortlessly Automatic

Dispose with Ease

Say Goodbye to Odor Worries




Chic and Stylish

ZitA's heart-catching design blends modern Japanese aesthetics, vintage charm, and industrial allure, transcending the typical trash can. It's a versatile fit for kitchens, living rooms, offices, and more. Users embrace its elegance and seamless automatic functionality, all wrapped in its sleek ladybug-like design.

Stainless Steel

ZitA's body, crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, exudes sophistication. It's not only visually appealing but also highly durable. Having passed 50,000 opening and closing tests, it's built to last. A single wipe is all it takes to maintain ZitA's impeccable condition in your kitchen.

Powerful and Persistent

ZitA is powered to impress with a battery life of up to 10 months. These calculations are based on theoretical values using alkaline batteries, assuming an average of 20 daily lid openings and closings. Rest assured, ZitA is designed for consistent and long-lasting performance.

Comparing ZitA to Standard
and Automatic Trash Cans

Opening and closing the lid


Trash Bag Utilization


Odor Leakage


Sensor Adjustability
(for Automatic Functionality)

Battery Life

(if the lid is broken)

Easy to use

(automatic & side-opening lid)

- 50,000 

opening & closing tests

- 1 year warranty

- Corrosion-resistant stainless st


utilization up to 45L/13gal

Quick wipe - 

Hard coating

Prevents odor leakage

(side-opening lid)


(lid doesn’t hit the hand)


sensing range

10 months

(uses alkaline batteries)

Easy & inexpensive

to replace only the lid

Trash Can

Difficult to use 

(manual operation)

- No test data

- No warranty

- Fragile material

Cannot often be utilized

Odor remains due to
plastic material

Prone to odor leakage
(upward opening lid)

Not specified

Not specified

Not specified

Not specified

Trash Can

Can be bothersome

(lid might hit the hand)

- Durability not listed

- Material not specified

Not specified

Not specified

Prone to odor leakage

(lid opens unintentionally)


(lid hits the hand)

Not adjustable

Not specified

Difficult & expensive
(requires replacing the
entire unit)

Celebrated Excellence:
ZitA's Top Rankings and Awards!


Celebrated Excellence:
ZitA's Top Rankings and Awards!

Are all trash cans truly created equal? That's the question we dared to challenge when crafting ZitA. We set out to defy the common belief that trash cans are mundane and undistinguished. ZitA's creation was driven by a vision to make daily life not just easier but also exceptional. Our aim was clear: to design a product that seamlessly integrates into the lives of those who prioritize time with family and friends. But before ZitA made its debut, an extensive process of trial and error unfolded. Now, we invite you to delve into the story, as CEO Shigetomi shares the inspiring journey behind ZitA's creation.

Product Specification

Weight & Size:


H: 66.5cm / 26.2"

W: 3.08kg / 6.8lb

Body(approx.): 13.2" × 13.2" × 26.2" / 33.5cm × 33.5cm × 66.5cm

Aperture(approx): 8.7" × 10" / 22cm × 25.5cm

Included Items:


Instruction Manual


Body: Stainless steel SUS430(Hairline finish)

Lid:ABS resin

Ring:ABS resin

Battery (not included):

Alkaline C battery × 2

Bag (not included):

13GAL / 45L

Maximum capacity:

15.3GAL / 58L



It's such a good product that you'll regret why you haven't used this until now.

Excerpt from a user review on Amazon

A Trash Can That Exceeds Expectations!

Due to the wide opening, dirt is not easily trapped. Additionally, its cylindrical design ensures that trash is securely stored in the bag, reducing the risk of tears and leaks. The efficient operation and easy garbage bag replacement make it even better than I imagined.

Excerpt from a user review on Amazon

The Trash Can I've Been Searching For!

I'm quite particular about trash cans, and it's been about two years since I couldn't find a really good product. But finally, I came across this wonderful trash can. It's simple, functional, and awesome. The adjustable sensor height is especially great for homes with cats.

Excerpt from a user review on Amazon


It's such a good product that you'll regret why you haven't used this until now.

Excerpt from a user review on Amazon